Alan transforms his former studio and opens Chez L’Artiste in Montsoreau, France

Alan Reullier welcomes you to his former studio to share his work and his world with you!

Renowned 3D visual artist Alan Reullier, a Montsoreau resident, has seamlessly merged his culinary and artistic passions in a unique venture. Within his gallery, a dual experience awaits – “Chez L’Artiste,” a wine restaurant adorned with his creations.

This fusion of art and gastronomy creates an immersive ambiance where his works harmonise with delectable cuisine. Patrons indulge in both visual and culinary artistry, as his gallery transforms into a sensorial haven. With each dish echoing his artistic flair and each sip of wine resonating with his vision, “Chez l’Artiste” becomes a testament to his multifaceted creativity, captivating both connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

If you are passing through, drop in and say bonjour!

Cheers! Bon appétit!

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