Alan creates the ‘Feu Sacré’ to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Flame in Montsoreau

Alan has just completed his latest monumental sculpture the ‘Feu Sacré’.  A public commission to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Flame, the sculpture is sited on the quay side of the Loire river in Montsoreau.

It has already created a lot of excitement with the press and media and become a huge focal point of interest creating a wonderful photo opportunity on the bank of the Loire.
The arrival of the Olympic Flame in Montsoreau, France, was marked by a vibrant celebration centered around the unveiling of “Feu Sacré,” a sculpture by artist Alan Reullier.
The event attracted locals and visitors alike, uniting them in a shared spirit of athletic excellence and cultural pride. Alan’s sculpture, a dynamic representation of the sacred fire, symbolises the enduring legacy and passion of the Olympics. Positioned in a picturesque setting, “Feu Sacré” not only honors the flame’s journey but also reflects Montsoreau’s deep-rooted connection to art and heritage, igniting enthusiasm for the upcoming Games.

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