Who is Alan Reullier?

As a French artist, designer and sculptor, my approach for the past thirty years has been to convert discarded industrial and natural elements into artistic creations.

Whatever medium I use, everything becomes an aesthetic statement and tells a story. A story where art seeks to understand and acknowledge our human environment but imagines a more harmonious and joyful world.


“The objects and materials that stir my passion come from diverse and unexpected sources.”

Redundant engineered tools and aircraft parts.

Polystyrene, packaging and unvalued and unwanted scrap.

…and traditional paints, colours and canvases.

Dead trees and abandoned timber.

Plaster, aluminium, glass and broken mirrors.

A World of

My Studio

From my studio in Montsoreau, I look across the shimmering Loire to the far bank and the forest of trees spreading as far as my eyes can see.

Here are my TREES OF FREEDOM, the source of my imagination and my symbols of hope. 

Commissioned work includes…

  • Multi media canvases
  • Sculptures featuring TREES OF FREEDOM and Alan’s phantasmagorical, enchanting, imagined beasts and figures.
  • Monumental installations for private collections and community spaces.