Alan Reullier

Multi-media artist

A French award winning artist, designer and sculptor whose approach for the past thirty years has been to convert discarded industrial and natural elements into artistic creations.

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Alan's Story

The award winning Artists journey

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Heritage Plans

re-imagined original drawings

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A Man of a
Thousand Faces
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re-imagined aero parts

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Alan's Story

Alans love of art began as a young graffiti artist on the walls of the back streets of northern Paris. His unique style and ‘Faces’ logo soon became well known by both the local inhabitants and his fellow graffiti artists. Alan developed his logo into ’The Man of a Thousand Faces’ and most of his canvases feature this distinctive style which draws the viewer deeper into the work.

Alan is now an established multi-media artist with an international reputation. His repurposing of unwanted and natural materials and his vibrant canvases have a strong appeal to contemporary designers and collectors alike.

“What ever medium I use, everything becomes an aesthetic statement and tells a story. A story where art seeks to understand and acknowledge our human environment but imagines a more harmonious and joyful world.”

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